Was listening to an old

Was listening to an old favorite, Minsaaram Enn Meethu Paaikindrathey from Vidhyasagar’s Run. Absolutely elegant music with amazing use of percussions. The rushing tempo is also maintained throughout the song.

Harish Raghavendra was at his very best. Sadhana Sargam has been my favorite ever since her hindi debut except that her Tamil sucks. Azhagan becomes Alagan and so on. But then, I only wish she could get the pronounciation straight. Astounding voice. I think the guy who shouts Kaadhal Seeyae(continously) and the humming before the first saranam is the one listed as Jack Smely. What a team effort.

This was a personal favorite for a group of friends and we would listen to it all the time while driving. Forgot it somewhere down the line but enjoyed it thoroughly today.