Kollywood Court !!

I subscribe to Jaya TV via Num TV to watch just three or four programs. Kollywood court is one of the them. Others include Kushboo’s Jackpot[despite the boring questions], Thaenkinnam[cable version of Aakashavani’s vintage song request show] and the in-frequent kutcheri shows.

Kollywood Court is a gem. It’s a talk show with a different format. This is one of the very few shows where we meet the famous-but-not-to-be-seen personalities of kollywood. Check out this list of people who came over as a guest to this show, in the last few weeks. Film News Anandan, Randor Guy, Theodre Bhaskaran, M Prabhu [cinematographer of Mahanadhi] and so on.

This week they had invited Chithiram Pesuthadi director Mysskin. I have to say he made logical arguments and actually made some sense. I’m hoping he would show the same sensibility in his next movies.

P.S – For two consecutive days, Kolangal mega serial made millions of houses, smell like a graveyard. Couldn’t stand an inch of it.