The I and the My – Part 2

With just 100 days of blogging[via], Guy Kawasaki could grasp and convey the I and the My feeling so well. Much much better than what was written here.

In his blogpost that celebrates the completion of 100 blogging days, Kawasaki shares his experience –

2. The more a blogger uses the pronoun “I,” the less he has to say. Many bloggers apparently believe that people not only give a shiitake about everything they say, but that these people are hanging on to every word.

And more –

9 a. I don’t get this “exchanging links” thing. IMHO, you should link to a blog if you believe it’s good for your readership. The other blogger should link to back your blog if she believes it’s good for her readership. In a perfect world, linking is about quality, not reciprocation, with all due respect to Dr. Cialdini. 🙂

Are u still thinking, who’s Kawasaki ? Go figure.

No Exit

Anand Alagappan’s short film No Exit is a well made short-film that just walks us through a phone call. It comically captures the credit card service and how one is put through the hardship. Just like how one suffers to cancel the internet service. Anand’s movie shot to fame when it was officially selected for 8 film festivals including the one where it was nominated alongwith Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Muthamittal.

Though I was aware of this short film through the Hindu article, it’s only when Anand mailed me with the video link, I was able to watch it.

Anand is planning to his next short film this July. And he is on look-out for the cast. If you are interested or if you want to recommend someone, mail Anand at colorsmovie[at]gmail[dot]com. He is looking for the following cast in NY/NJ or Chicago area.

1. Indian Mom [Lates 40’s]
2. Indian Dad [Late 40’s]
3. Indian Aunt [Late 40’s]
4. 15 Indian people for a scene [any age range]
5. Assistant director / Production Assistants

Load / Unload

If you are a blogger, chances of being affected by IOS is one hundred percent. Information Overload Syndrome. I intended to write this as a comical post but didn’t want to miss the message(thoda hero!!).

One of the prime reason, to apply brakes to this blog was that I found myself unable to sustain interest in reading a full news article. Inadvertently I was just skimming through the news sources. Astuteness was missing. Usually link bloggers who write several posts linking to various blogs/ news during a single day have written in the past about having time only to skim through news sources. Though this blog isn’t a link blog, over the last few years of blogging regularly, I found myself doing this skim stuff.

Bloglines is a necessary devil. The more blogs I subscribed via bloglines, the more time I spent trying to catch up with the un-read stuff. The big pile of unread posts, started to bother me. It’s just me. Some of them really have time to read all the blogs. With the assortment of interests that I have, I had to divide time between all of them.

I’m slowing down. Clearing things up. My online reading list has been trimmed to the most important news/blog sources that keep me abreast of happenings. Offline, I’ve cancelled all the 32 books on queue at the public library. I’m now set out to read the absolutely necessary stuff. And read it with the same interest as before. Currently, I only have April Reader’s Digest and a shortstory collection[Story-wallah]. The other things are deferred until I finish these.

Ofcourse this post is highly personal that I needn’t have posted it here. I could have saved some information overload on you. Since this addresses one lazy man’s struggle of keeping up with information overload, thought someone else might also say, Aamaam paa Aamaam. If you find yourself nodding to that statement, just get the hell out of here and read a rajeshkumar novel.

Vikram Vijay

vijay vikram1
[Source – Vikatan]

Only time has to say if there is a histoical value for this picture.

Recently vikatan did a nice job of bringing Vijay and Vikram together, for an interview. Having studied in Loyola, both bragged and bragged about it. Would have been more fun if they only pulled in Vijay’s class collegemate at Loyola, Surya.

How I wish they did a Kamal – Rajini interview like this, some 20 years back. By now, that interview would have become a kodambakkam treasure. There must be one. Just that we don’t have our hands on it.

Interview – Indra Parthasarathy
[Source – Hindu]

Writer Indra Parthasarathy‘s radio interview to Stanford 90.1 FM radio show, It’s Different, is available here[Part 1 and 2]. Via RKK.

I wish the interview was Tamil but this is certainly a rare interview. The interviewer has very important questions for I.Pa on his fiction and plays. I.Pa is very spontaneous and spirited as usual. BTW, I.Pa is here in Bay area for a drama workshop. He is also staging a play for Bay Area Tamil Mandram, Ramanuja.

Kollywood Court !!

I subscribe to Jaya TV via Num TV to watch just three or four programs. Kollywood court is one of the them. Others include Kushboo’s Jackpot[despite the boring questions], Thaenkinnam[cable version of Aakashavani’s vintage song request show] and the in-frequent kutcheri shows.

Kollywood Court is a gem. It’s a talk show with a different format. This is one of the very few shows where we meet the famous-but-not-to-be-seen personalities of kollywood. Check out this list of people who came over as a guest to this show, in the last few weeks. Film News Anandan, Randor Guy, Theodre Bhaskaran, M Prabhu [cinematographer of Mahanadhi] and so on.

This week they had invited Chithiram Pesuthadi director Mysskin. I have to say he made logical arguments and actually made some sense. I’m hoping he would show the same sensibility in his next movies.

P.S – For two consecutive days, Kolangal mega serial made millions of houses, smell like a graveyard. Couldn’t stand an inch of it.

'O' Podu !!

The conduct of election rules 1961: 49 O: Elector not deciding to vote :If an elector after his electoral number has been duly entered in the register of voters Form-17 A and has put his signature or thumb impression thereon as required under sub-rule (1) of rule 49 L decided not to record his vote , a remark to this effect shall be made against the said entry in Form 17 A, by the presiding officer and the signature or thumb impression of the elector shall be obtained against such remark.

Gnani says, Vote for ‘O’ in the elections. Chief Electoral Officer Naresh Gupta explains how, from Hindu column, You can decide not to vote.

Idly Vadai Blog has the full scoop on Elections 2006. Also noticed that there is a group blog by tamil bloggers, Therthal 2006 and an election blog in english, Arasiyal Talk.