Nayan…Nayan…Nayan !!

[Source – Vikatan]

That was Simbhu shouting.

Vikatan reports that Simbhu and Nayanthaara are head-over-heels in love. And Simbhu’s naturally vivacious personality is making him more possesive towards Nayanthaara, resulting in missed film chances and financial hiccups for the Vallavan team. The report also speculates that Simbhu blocked Nayan’s car near Vadapalani Ram theatre and asked forced her to get into it. Thoda !!

Here’s the background. The Overaa Illa kiss generated intial publicity for the Vallavan movie. A year after that, looks like the producers want to get going with the film. The report says the movie is already sold for 8 crores and now the distributors have to get it back. Given a year of delay in releasing the movie, the post-production build-up is quintessential to generate hype. It seems to me that this Simbhu – Nayan love matter is a well staged hype, a marketing effort in boosting Vallavan’s release.

Leave alone all that, here is the punch. Vikatan also reports that Simbu took the entire footage of Vallavan to edit it in his house. We don’t know its true but this is just enough to reduce all the hype surronding the film.