Gee Ohh Dee !!

Happened between two of my friends, over the weekend. I was a silent spectator and hence no comments.

Dude 1: (sipping his negramodelo beer) Machan, I know it isn’t simple as it sounds but I don’t think there is god.
Dude 2: Really…screw yourself. There is.
Dude 1: There what, God ?
Dude 2: Yes. Haven’t you felt him when you wrote those exam numbers in oil, behind anjaneyar sannidhi. Nee pinna eppidi 10th pass pannina da, loosu ?
Dude 1: Hee Hee…that was a time, machan. Ok da..prove me and I will accept.
Dude 2: (moving his emptied beer bottle towards my doubting friend and pointing to it) This is god, machan.
Dude 1: (LOLing) Kamedy !! Thats an empty glass bottle with a piece of lime left on the long neck.
Dude 2: Hmm…so you don’t believe it. Is that because you already know how god looks like ? I tell you this god. Why would you not believe it ?
Dude 1: Huh !! Guys get him another beer.
Dude 2: (looking at him deeply) Sir, I asked you a simple question, do you know how Gee-Ohh-Dee looks like. Why don’t you believe this brownish bottle as god.
Dude 1: (heatedly) No. I don’t know.
Dude 2: Then you have to believe me da.
Dude 1: God cannot be like this.
Dude 2: Why do you presume ? So you have already imagined how he looks like but you wouldn’t accept that he is there ?
Dude 1: I think this is illogical conversation.
Dude 2: Really, I don’t think so. I just showed you the almighty God, my friend. I just gave you the biggest spiritual truth.
Dude 1: I don’t believe it.
Dude 2: I don’t care. But question yourself again. Or prove me that this is not god ?
Dude 1: What ? Huh…Why don’t we talk again about how you proposed to Preetha in 9th standard.

I realized only then, half of that authentic mexican restaurant has been staring at our table.

Tamil Cinema Montages

From wikipedia

A montage sequence is a technique in film editing in which a series of short shots is edited into a sequence to condense narrative. It is usually used to advance the story as a whole (often to suggest the passage of time), rather than to create symbolic meaning as it does in Soviet montage theory. In many cases, a song plays in the background to enhance the mood or reinforce the message being conveyed.

I guess this part of the Wiki entry was written by an Indian – a song plays in the background to enhance the mood or reinforce the message being conveyed. That’s typical bollywood style stuff.

And we have all seen montages before we even realized it as one. An easy example of montage would be Rajinikanth’s transformation from the milkman to a Five Star Hotel owner in Annamalai.

I’ve always loved montages. I don’t know why but I just love them. I even think, in slight extreme that an entire film could be made effectively just through montages. Akira Kurosawa is known for making montages into popular art.

Yesterday, while traveling through the Seattle Tunnel, I was thinking of making a montage of the entire tunnel route. I don’t even have a camera to start with and that’s a different topic. But it led me to think of montages in Tamil cinema. When thinking about montages in kollywood that were made to the level of world cinema, only two of them struck me instantly. And that’s because they were elegantly made. Both of them cannot be called montages theoretically as they don’t help move the plot too much.

The first one is truly world class. Appu Kamal trying to hang himself and Sri Vidya, his mother talking to him at a circus tent. The camera pans across the room and cuts frequently and disolves into close-ups and long shots. It may not be as vivid as I say here but it was a great one.

The second was a shorter one in Priyadarshan’s Snehithiye. I vaguely remember the context but on a dramatic scene, the shot collapses to a different scene where the girl recalls cycling with Jothinka on a lush green park.

Both these scenes had great BGM and was strikingly well made. Mudhal Mariyadhai had some nice montages but can’t recollect any particular one. Should anyone re-collect other nice montages in Tamil cinema, there is a comment box right below.

The Rant

It’s been raining the whole of the weekend. Was tied to the home, being lazy and watching television for a good portion of this long weekend. Something that I did after a long time.

Its a very bad movie season at Hollywood and Kollywood. Recently I moved to the sitcoms. Completed the third season of Desperate Housewives. Currently watching the first season of NBC’s hit show, Heroes. Also started to watch Friends from it’s first season. I completed a round last year. This is a second trip to the Friend’s galaxy.

By the way, unlike many of the fans, Ross Geller and Phoebe Buffay are my faves.


Director Vasanth has a cool interview on alongwith Nitin Sathya, the villain of his latest movie, Satham Podathey. Vasanth is one of favorite directors of Kollywood. However, I have to say that he wasn’t so careful on choosing his film subjects. Probably Nerukku Nerr was a start to that carelessness. His next film Rhythm had a great subject but also had a pretty uninspiring script. Hey Nee Romba Azhaga Irukka was a classy film with a great script. I don’t think anyone even cared to watch the film.

Vasanth’s uniqueness is to allow his characters speak their natural language and be themselves. Having introduced some of the movers and shakers of kollywood from Simran to Jyothika to Surya, Vasanth still has very low profile. And that’s probably why he is a misfit to Kollywood.

Am still waiting to watch Satham Podathey hoping its probably one of the better films of what can be called as a continuing diastorous year for kollywood.


Being on the subject of this year’s best films of kollywood, my list is currently restricted to two films – Chennai 600 028 and ‘Muthazhagu’ fame Paruthi Veeran.

Kamal’s Dasavatharam has all qualities to join the list. Probably Tamil M.A too. I watched the trailer of this Jeeva starrer Tamil M.A and I am already wanting to watch the film.

This year’s biggest let down was undoubtedly, you know what 🙂


Watched Sivaji over the weekend for the second time. No word on how the movie fared the second time around.

But here is something that Shankar should do before he starts to make the next hype at the bollywood level, watch just two movies.

a) Mel Gibson’s Apocalypto
b) The Lives Of Others

These are certainly not the only best movies now. But this is what the contemporary cinema has to offer. And creators should atleast watch these movies before they start yapping about their so called tight-scripts.