2 thoughts on “Sanjay's Bhairavi

  1. Hi Guru… Firstly, Have a great new year! I did attend this jaya tv concert live at chettinad vidyashram audt.. and Bhairavi was indeed lovely! Yeah.. Sanjay has been remarkable the whole of the season… His consistency has been quite remarkable! In fact, I have almost attended all of his concerts this seasonand those defining goosebumps moments for me were his Bageshri RTP at Kalarasana, in depth kharaharapriya at Mudhra; His todi at Kalakshetra yesterday; Nasikabhushani RTP at PSBB; Saveri at Brahma gana sabha to actually name a few!
    Now the season being over its tough to imagine life without frequent Sanjay’s concerts as I feel he is one of those very very few who can confidently take his musical expressions to the next level which gives a kind of feeling which is hard to describe in mere words..

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