Apollo Dhinangal – Sujatha

[thanks- vikatan]

Ananda Vikatan publishes Sujatha’s final column named Apollo Dhinangal.

He wrote this column on the 18th day of hospitalization just before slipping away into coma.

Desikan, Sujatha’s official biographer and good friend writes about the Sujatha’s final moments in a touching column that throws light on a different/unknown side of Sujatha.

4 thoughts on “Apollo Dhinangal – Sujatha

  1. First thing I did this morning was to read the article on Sujatha in Ananda Vikatan. It was very touching yes. It shows how much pain our beloved writer was going through. In a way, death is a merciful release indeed though we would have loved him to have lived years after years. His wife has also shared her thoughts and it is touching to know that she feels bit guilty of not caring enough for her husband. I guess this feeling usually arises in people very close to the departed.

  2. Thanks for the pointer Guru.

    சுய சோகம் பெரும்பாலும் சுஜாதா எழுத்தில் நான் படித்ததில்லை. ஆனால் இதில்…

  3. Dears to all,

    As the sea levels of writing legend did not end the away & will all tine living with us.

    Thiruvalluvar was quited the world as him in TWO LINES WORDS.

    Sujatha Sir is quited the people as him in Single Dialouge.

    I have cordially thanks two the above human Gods.

    thank you.


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