A Plug

Finally a customer service with a difference.

I recently bought a Nikon D80 from BH Photo Video and had to immediately exchange it due to a bunch of hot pixels on the CCD. Their customer service is arguably one of the best I’ve encountered on the web.

I had to call them twice for various clarifications and the telephonic conversations were a breeze. They promptly answered questions and did whatever possible to make me happy.

If you are buying camera/video equipment, here’s a company that will relentlessly help you until you are satisfied. Three Cheers !!

9 thoughts on “A Plug

  1. I’ve ordered a lot of stuff from B&H at work. They really are good, well stocked and they do these amazing kit deals. Of course, the scale at which we buy permits us to import them to India as well. Their India office is in Pune I think, and you’re right about their service. Certainly can recommend them, both for pro and semi pro gear.

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