Kelviyin Nayagan ?

Looking at Mani Ratnam’s profile on IMDB, I see a movie named Kelviyin Nayagan listed as one of his directorial ventures.

And searching the web, surprisingly, I see a bunch of sites also listing the same. Am I missing something ?

4 thoughts on “Kelviyin Nayagan ?

  1. Thats strange indeed. There are three movies of Mani in other languages one is telugu “Idhayathai Thirudathey” (Geetanjali), second is kannada “Priya O priya” (Pallavi anupallavi) and that leaves us with the third – ‘Unaroo’ in Malayalam. Maybe this was dubbed in 2000 and released as “Kelviyin Nayagan”?

  2. How come Manirathnam directed a film like Idhayakoil, which is a typical MikeMohan film?! May be that time he was craving for a chance?!

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