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  1. No one talks abt dasa its the worshtu movie i have seen..sry thala even if u support it..am gonna violently reject this movie..if this is kamals dream project i wonder how bad his nightmares wud be! guess i stand by hawkeyes review..twas spot on!

  2. Mr angry dude..i don know if hes a rajni fan or not..but the movie is bad..its doesn have a prpr stry dude..wat can i say..its jus kamal tryin to over do it..i am a rajni fan meself..but we need stories in movies..not someone tryin to make movies to prove his actin skills..we all know kamal can act don we..but a crappy stry.. a draggin dumb screenplay..some cowshit dialogues..n bad music doesn a good movie make!

  3. I have to agree with abhishek on this. I challenged some of my friends when they claimed that no tamil movie can match their favs (i dont want to mention those) to see dasa and change their opinion. I saw this movie in seattle yesterday night and was shocked. I dont know how kamal thought that he can get away by making this movie? crappy story, irritating dialogues (i am no longer a asin fan now :(), worst music, some bs parading as screenplay, some really ugly makeup and shoddy graphic work! too much !

    kamal is an excellent actor and there is no match for him in this world but he should probably stick to acting alone. please someone, confiscate the pen from him and throw it in the tsunami 🙁

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