Abdul Rahman in Mani's Roja!!

Man, that guy was a kiddo then. Neat interview. Cheers to the yesteryear Surabi Team and ofcourse Abdul Rahman aka ARR.

8 thoughts on “Abdul Rahman in Mani's Roja!!

  1. Good One. The seven minute video set back my clock by 16 years. ARR brought with him a much needed refreshing change to Tamil/Indian film music.

  2. My friend gave me this link sometime back. But there’s one thing that confuses me big time!! Isn’t he Allah Rakha Rahman??

  3. Guru! Made my day! Nice interview & as Shalini observes, its aLLA (அள்ளா) Rekha Rehman! Not sure why they made it as Abdul Rahman! Either not much links to refer his name (think of 1993!) or his name got changed after!


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