16 thoughts on “Kollywood Car 9

  1. Devar Magan..

    First scene..following this scene is the title credit Direction – Bharathan.

  2. Shucks !! Never once I was able to have a car that none could answer.

    Devar Magan is perfect. And Kannan was right. Its the frame following the direction credit to Bharathan. Spot on.

    Guru- Can’t see any more plymouths in Chennai. They were extinct a decade ago, except for some vintage ones that can be found in T.Nagar and Mylapore.

  3. The image looks remarkably similar to the one in AaNpaavam, when Paandiyarajan pisses off the driver. Had I not scene the comments section, my guess would have been Aanpaavam.

  4. Hi Lazygeek,

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