Enakkul Unnaipol Oruvan!

Mohanlal Version

KamalHassan Version

Kamal looks like Nammavar in his latest, Unnaipol Oruvan, except a little aged. But here’s the real kicker – Music by Shruthi Hassan. You too, Kamal!

8 thoughts on “Enakkul Unnaipol Oruvan!

  1. so, when is it actually going to be released??? and about shruti haasan, it’s time people acknowledged a hidden talent…

  2. The Mohanlal trailer is a fake… that scene is shot in dubai and is from his latest mallu movie Sagar Alias Jacky.. and that’s a Porsche, i believe, that he is getting out of….

  3. This is definitely a remake of A Wednesday which had superb story screenplay and acting by Naseeruddin Shah…

  4. And Chakri is the guy who appears as Sai ram / shit ram in dasavatharam I guess…according to a recent kamal interview

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