I actually didnt like the expression of AB at the end but who cares. Usually the first look of any Mani Ratnam movie has no resemblence to any other movies, other than his own. But this teaser reminds me of Omkara, don’t know why. Nevertheless, good hype so far.

4 thoughts on “Dassarwaley!

  1. Bang on.you stole my thoughts with the post.same thoughts after seeing it for the first time.and the music and photography are just too good.:)

  2. Disappointed with Raavanan songs, except Veeraa… i think after listening few times i will like it,
    Already the posters are just ok ok type, why Mani put black color in Ash’s white face?? why make beatuty ugly???.. shot full in forest areas, reminds me Mani sir’s old “dark movies” ..just ok songs, …

    i am afraid. i am afraid of another flop(from mani, vikram, aish, abhishek, arr)

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