Weekend; Randomized Friends have flown

Weekend; Randomized

Friends have flown back to India and it’s damn boring as we were having some real fun time for the last couple of months. Going to an airport to see-away someone is the one that I hate to do, it’s embarassingly emotional. I did it yesterday. Twice.

Missed Pitha Mahan screening in chicago today. I have to hopefully wait to see it in India when I get back. Saw the clipping of Ilankathu Veesuthey song on Sun TV in Pepsi Ungal Choice programme. Illayaraja‘s clever usage of the flute in such songs clearly distinguishes him from the rest. It was a good song picturised using Balu Mahendra’s trademark technique. This technique is a descriptive one and is easy to forego a dream sequence with this. As the hero and heroine talks, walks, jogs or cooks the song is on a voice-over mode and makes the movie look very practical.

Click, Click, Click. Got a Canon Digital camera. It A60 Powershot and it has major features of a SLR camera. It’s a kind of half digital SLR. You can cut the aperture, control shutter speed, set focus, 3x of optical and 5x of digital zoom plus some more exciting modes of shooting including B/W and Sephia color saturations. The major thing is that you can attach additional lenses. Now that I have a SLR camera with digital capabilities, it’s time for me to go on roads and start clicking.

Reading: Matrix 1 Screenplay on the net. It’s amazing to read the concept unvieled to Neo and he takes a dip with those plugs around his body.

Listening: Created a playlist from my music dumps which are non-rahman. Just wanted to listen for day to others as I have been listening to Rahman all the time. Yuvan Shankar Raja seems extremely promising. Especially his Kadhal Website from Dheena is great number. With Vaali writing those taminglish lyrics, it was/is a super duper hit.

Vaali’s taminglish is way too much in this song especially :

I Love you Dangerous Baby
Naan Endrum Unnidam Kaithi
News Channel Sollum Ichcheithi

Accupuncture Needleah
Turkey Chicken Noodleah
Anbe Aadai Konjum Undan Idailah

Donald Duckin Jathiyaa
Disney Cartoon Jodhiyaa
Anbe Aadi Chellum Undan Nadaiyilla

The Rising of Marudhanayagam :

[Pic: movies.bizhat.com]

Yesterday was Aamir’s day. Ketan Mehta‘s much expected The Rising had the rising. The muhurat of The Rising was staged yesterday with the chief guest as Prince Charles to clap the first shot.

The Rising is all about the First War of Indian Independence in 1857. Also called as the Sepoy Mutiny, the first war of indian independence started because of a rumor that new rifle cartridges that british introduced had lubricant oil made from the fat of animals. The fat of sacred cows was against religious beliefs of Hindus and for muslims it was the pig fat. The sepoys started rising against the british colonization, which became the root of Indian Independence. The rebellion also saw the end of the East India Company’s rule in India. Power was transferred to the British Crown in 1858 by an Act of British Parliament. The states of India, which was divided until then, recognized the importance of unity and started fighting against the british. Magal Pandey a young warrior shot his british commander in Meerut when the commander forced the troops to use the rifles lubricated with fats of animanls. Heroes were born and died during this insurrection. I still remember all this history from my high school history textbooks. Especially Indian Independence struggle was my second favorite history topic after the renaissance.

So Aamir Khan, the man who was instrumental to take Indian cinema very close to Oscars, stars as Mangal Pandey, the protagonist in The Rising. With A R Rahman hooking on to the keyboard for this movie, I am sure it is a sure shot success.

Here is the other angle, the tragedy, the untold story, and the forgotten man – Kamalhassan, who was well ahead in this arena of historical films. Marudhanayagam was the most well planned, scrutinized and thoughtfully executed movie, which is in the storeroom of Kamal’s mandaveli house. If The Rising had Prince Charles, Marudhanayagam had the Queen herself clap for the first shot. If Aamir has grown hairs all over his head, this man Kamal, had even grown a much-appreciated beard for this Marudhanayagam. Well that was just a glimpse of silly similarities.

As a fact, which many of us don’t know, Kamal was in France for 30 days with a playwright for a discussion over the screenplay of Marudhanayagam. After that Kamalhassan remarked in an interview, some of his best discussion about films where with this playwright in France. Sarika, Kamal’s former wife, made a costly trip to world museums to get details about the sample costumes of the British during the 18th century. And above all there was huge fort constructed in Sri Perumbuthur where the main part of the shooting went on for more than 90 days. What remains after 4 years and 6 months of the initial muhurat is just half an hour of the movie. After editing the whole shoot Kamalhassan remarked in an interview that he has just shot 30 min of the movie.

Marudhanayagam itself is Kamal’s magnum opus and it is for huge sum of money required for his dream project Marudhanayagam, he started acting in a string of comedies like Thennali and PKS. But as he concludes he needs close to 100 crores for the entire movie to be shot. So until someone is able to give him a fair share of investment, that half-an-hour of Marudhanayagam would remain in the dumps of his house.

The Rising is also a similar movie. However, It is not the same. Rising is about the fight for Indian Independence during 19th century. But Marudhanayagam is a story about a small time king from Madurai who was the root of Indian uprising against the British. He existed in 17th-18th century and is even placed much before Veerapandya Kattabomman in pages of history. It is said that analyzing Marudhanayagam’s life will lead to a path of the war which India chose to fight the British.

Since The Rising is on the sets already and poised to release next year it would definitely make Marudhanayagam look similar in approach. I am not being biased about Kamal’s Marudhanayagam. It’s just that someone’s dreams are shattered for he wanted to have first leap into such a modern movie making style of an historical movie. I am sure Rising will be India’s first leap into the rows of grand international movies like Titanic, Schindler’s List and Braveheart.

All these Sony and Columbia movies that are sponsoring for some mushy mushy Hindi flicks, can come forward for this venture of Marudhanayagam. If only someone could make Kamal’s dream come true, he can prove to be the best among the rest.

Matrix Revolutions : Balancing the

Matrix Revolutions : Balancing the Equation

No spoilers ahead. It isn’t a review so you can read it without losing your matrix virginity.

Just minutes after the movie finished, I am here to pen down my first thoughts on the movie. As a huge Matrix Fan, this movie appears to be a let down. But for a normal unassuming cine-goer this movie is all about the pinnacle of an action movie. I could bet you wouldn’t have seen anything so flambyouant as this. Matrix is much bigger than your imagination. It has the kind of graphics which you haven’t even dreamt in the wildest of dreams. However. it does give a video-game like look to the movie.

But Neo is all set to be the messiah of Zion, the last city of the world. And to do that he has balance the equation. Agent Smith is becoming brahma. He keeps multipying himself to an unimaginable extent that he poses a threat even to the machines world. To stop him, Neo takes a pilgrimage to the machine city and makes a deal. As oracle remarks in the movie, Agent Smith is his negative counterpart who is created to balance the positive Neo. Will it turn out to be a revolution is the what it is all about. It is certainly a very sober movie unlike Matrix 1 when you would come out of a theatre wearing your coolers just like Keanu Reeves and that sober tone is well set from the beginning of the movie when the people of zion expect an armageddon to strike.

Being in an IMAX theatre is nothing but being in Zion battlefield itself. But the sound and thousands of marching sqiddies(sentinnal programs) are not the elements that make up the matrix. It’s the philosophical questions that Matrix puts forward that attracts it’s fans. Some questions which were left unanswered in Reloaded are answered while some are taken care by the Superman type Neo who fights Agent Neo in the final battle that shakes the skies.

As the final battle hits the skies, the harmony in the background creates goosebumpers. It’s the biggest highlight of this Matrix. Don’t miss the full length harmony at the end of the movie. Worth a hearing. I hope to see this harmony music copied into a tamil or hindi movie very soon.

Some more on Revolutions to follow. Until then, Free your Mind.

The Sethu Controversy: As Bala

The Sethu Controversy:

As Bala is celebrating his victory of Pitha Mahan, a few conversations (read hot fights) happened in my blog post’s comment box, a week back, on the Bala’s first movie Sethu. Instead of these discussions getting digged in the archive hole, I thought of documenting this in my main blog.

Sethu has been a hot topic since it’s release back in 2000. It’s a film that made today’s Vikram. It is the film that brought an assistant of Balu Mahendra, Bala, to the lime light. Myself and my friends have had enough conversations and fights over the intentions and intrepretations of the Sethu film. Like us many of the film lovers have praised and kicked Bala’s approach in Sethu.

Though I have some strong views over the movie and it’s style, I have documented everyone’s views, un-edited. If someone wants to add to the existing document , leave a comment and I will add it to the main discussion.

Read The Sethu Controversy here.

So we all know that

So we all know that Bharathiraja is in Aayutha Ezhuthu as the villain, doing what Amrish Puri is doing in Yuva. What is he doing in A Mani Ratnam Film ?

Heck, I’m not even curious to know what role is he for. But very curious to know how Mani could see the actor in him and for what reason he hooked him to Aayutha Ezhuthu. Except for Enn Iniya Thamizh Makkaley types he is a rocker.

As we all agree Bharathiraja’s voice is an amazingly rocky and country like, he can do justice with just his voice. I believe in Mani’s choice more than all this.

Mircosoft takes over Google could

Mircosoft takes over Google could be my title for a future blog post. That future is getting nearer day by day. I hope not that it happens.

While Google is till exploring its IPO options in Wall Street, the company is also impressed by the Dutch auction, an offering to bypass wall street and directly selling the shares to the investors. With Google dicatating the search engine market, Microsoft is full-of-love for Google.

It is in news that in the last two months, Microsoft has made a couple of attempts for a possible takeover of google. If this wouldn’t work out the way Microsoft thinks, they could head towards giving away web search options a part of their Longhorn operating system. This would shake Google’s search engine leadership by roots just like what happened to Netscape when Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with Windows.

I am sure that Google wouldn’t be bought because Google by itself is reaching a state of pinnacle with their acquisition of Blogger this year. It is also expected to grow the blogging market by multi-fold.

Hurray !! Got tickets

Hurray !! Got tickets for the first day of Matrix Revolutions, releasing next wednesday (11/05). The special thing is that it is in an IMAX theatre. With screens as big as 5 times as a normal screen and with a movie like Matrix, I am sure my thrills would get complemented.

Last time when I was in an IMAX was during the second release of Apollo 13, *ing Tom Hanks. I always wanted to see a an animation movie in Imax. That wish hasn’t come true, yet.

So what’s Neo going to do with Agent Smith(s) this time. Any guesses. I swear not to post a spoiler after I watch the movie.

Listening : July Malargaley from Bhagavathi. Rendered by Karthik and Sadhana Sargam, this melodious duet is good for ears except for that ugly pronunciation of Sadhana. She pronounces Azhaghan as Alagan. Shameful. But I have to accept that she is being improving since Sneghithaney. She stumbling over tamil is acceptable because even some tamilnadu born super heroes call thamizhan as tamilan. State of pity.

Microsoft with horns – not

Microsoft with horns – not just horns – it a Longhorn:

Introducing the next developer version of Windows OS, codenamed Longhorn, Gates tried to woo Windows developers to support and try their hands on Longhorn.

Longhorn, the next generation windows appears to be a set of integrated applications with an operating system rather than a monolithic operating system release. Thats what Gates had to say in the Professional Developers Conference 2003 in California. He was sure that the beta would be released by next summer but the commercial release would be in the year of 2006.

Longhorn is built around three major advances–a new graphics and presentation engine known as Avalon, a new communications architecture known as Indigo, and a new file system known as WinFS that borrows from Microsoft’s relational database technology’

Look at this Longhorn developer center, it seems the feel and look of windows is getting converted to the next generation of softwares. Given the ability of Microsoft to make drool-over front-ends, it is very convincing with the alerts and buddylists placed at the right corner of the screen.

Transparent windows, animated windows that pop open and a new taskbar on the righthand side of the screen that displayed a clock, buddy list, and news and other information streamed onto the desktop via an RSS feed. Finally RSS feeds are recognized well by Microsoft which is a cool thing that happens to this blogging community.

But the controversies are already at news.com as it calls the graphical look of Longhorn–particularly its transparency and animated windows–are reminiscent of Apple’s Mac OS X.

Also check out the Longhorn Blogs, a Longhorn fan website.

The Real Pithamahan of Indian

The Real Pithamahan of Indian Cinema :

Senthil’s Pithamahan review was spelndid and he said the movie could be re-named as Ayudha Ezhuthu because of three characters, Vikram, Surya and Laila who took the movie beyond boundaries.

I OBJECT. Maybe nickname Mani Ratnam as Pithamahan and never even think of giving away his movie name to someone else.