All they said about

All they said about Rajini‘s japanese fans but we never believed.

Now, Rajinikanth makes it big time. Here’s the Rajinikanth’s unofficial fan club from Japan. Looks like they are more serious fans that what we are. Though we couldn’t read japanese, these pictures explain all.

As you go through the club, there are numerous forums and bulleting boards discussing his movies from Siva to Baba. Lots of professional analysis and tons of links that link to other Indian Fan clubs.

Time for Rajinikanth to join with Jackie Chan for the next movie and call it Baba Jaba. Hows that ?

Link via Kinglsey via Ram.

Things change so fast. The

Things change so fast. The predicted to-be hit of diwali was Ajith’s Aanjaneya. That one is running low with bad previews. Read here for senthil’s review in my comments box.

Pithamahan, the un-predicted movie is getting fave reviews because of the performances of lead actors Vikram, Surya and Ajith. The reviews coming in say that though Bala captures the dark sides of human emotions, Vikram’s performance in Pithamahan will go down in history as one of the most spectacular performances. Ofcourse, I predicted a no-no for Pithamahan because of my disliking towards Bala’s movies.

I’m yet to watch Pithamahan and it is releasing late here in chiacago on Nov 7th.

The smoky smell of crackers

The smoky smell of crackers is what reminds me of diwali and here in US, I was yearning for that smell to feel at home. Like me were thousands of Indians who got together at the Aurora Temple in Chicago to the get feel of being ‘at home’ and celebrate diwali.

Last night, with clear skies the temperature dropped to 30s. Despite the icing cold, the sky was lit with huge fireworks at 8:30 pm. Catcalls and the Indian trademarked finger-in-the-mouth whistles deafened the whole temple. Never before had I celebrated a diwali with thousands of people with full of joy and a brightly lighted temple. Though there was a huge lines for the Perumal koil Puliyotharai and the Royal Indian Thayir sadham.

But the night went long after that and we were playing the card game, Literature. We also had one hour more to spare. So as we turned back the clock from 2:00 am to 1:00 am to accommodate the daylight saving, we realized we had 2 more hours to go before the next diwali.

Willow TV was helping us to watch the India vs Australia match live on the Internet. But the package was huge. Priced at $70 for all the matches of the TVS Triangular Series, we watched the match live, on a laptop connected to a cable modem. The broadcast was fantastic without much clipping so we could witness clearly how Sachin celebrated a revengeful diwali against the aussies. With Shewag giving his wicket cheaply to the second slip many of them crashed out under the blankets.

But the determined like me who sacrificed our sleep were paid back by Sachin and VVS Laks with the powerful knocks. This wasn’t the most classy century of Sachin but was certainly a good one after a long time. Though both Sachin and VVS struggled in their 90s, they managed to touch the century. While Sachin had couple of lives at the fag end, he threw his wicket at 100. Sent in perfectly on time was Yuvraj Singh who played a swashbuckling innings again.

So as we knocked the aussies, what everyone were whispering was that we should have done this 8 months back. But that’s long gone.

Hey guys !! Wishes for

Hey guys !! Wishes for a great deepawali (for southies) and diwali ( for northies). Not a big diwali year for the movies but certainly something is on the store.

Pithamahan : It is predicted to run for 200 days else flop badly at the Boxoffice. This Pithamahan pic reminds me of the movie Anger Management pic(click to see the pic) with Adam Sandler and Jack Nicholson. Sh!! Sh!! Oh !! don’t whisper, for they will write in the media that Anger management is made into Tamil and disallow Pithamahan from releasing just like what they did to Charan’s JJ as Serendipity.

My take : Flop. But might be liked by some people. The buildup is too much. They say the censor board cried after watching the movie, the producer cried watching the first copy. What the heck?. Such build ups have been short-lived in the past. I hate Bala for all his heroes are cracks. Especially SETHU was the height of madness. Don’t start arguing about SETHU, I get too hot when I discuss it. For more reasons, ask Senthil. He might kill you too 😉

Thirumalai : As the whole world repeatedly says, Vijay needs a break after the movie Friends.

My take : It will be a OK entertainer but certainly not like Kushee and Friends. Vijay looks slightly young in his stubs. Jyothika looks fabulous. Already Thimsukattai songs is playing rockers.

Aanjaneya : Ajith takes the policeman role finally called Paramguru IPS. His moustache is missing.

My take : Ajith looks amazing and young. After his image built-up with his racing personality, this might prove to be a good hit for him. Maharajan, the director has proved his metal in Vallarasu. But looks like he isn’t happy after watching the final copy. He thinks he could have done well. But yes, this rule applies for everything. Sure shot one time see. If you want to see a movie on diwali day and not get upset, watch Aanjaneya.

Pray to god that some silly politician or some religious party isn’t taking fire bath for the movie title as Aanjaneya. Same applies to Thirumalai too.

Ottran : Arjun as a spy. Yet another Gentleman from Shankar’s assistant.

My take: The opinion concerning ottran seems to be very hyped just because it hasn’t been publicized too much. Shankar’s assistant is proving to follow his master by creating a hype around the movie. Details released include Arjun is a spy in disguise and he comes back from his recent downfall. I also think that there is something cool about this movie and might prove successful. Fingers and Toes crossed.

Yet another diwali nostalgica.

Yet another diwali nostalgica. Written by Pasupathiraayan in yahoo tamil clutch, this one amazed me with it’s simplicity and detailed description of the minutest observation.

This is a gif image so all you can do is read it and enjoy as much as I did. I am trying to incorporate unicode or tamil fonts in the same template.

See the article’n’image here

Google Diwali – Search :

Google Diwali – Search :

No making charges, no wastage, lots of varities, missing, inundated saravana stores, frenzy crowd, bubbling children, rush everywhere, dust everywhere, missing, oceanic textiles, throw away prices, lot many prizes, its missing, trafficed roads, late-to-office workers, overtime trafficmen, hungry husbands, hunting-for-saree wifes, jubliant shop keepers, its still missing, claustrophobic chennai silks, mushroomed fast food shops,high hoped roadside textilers, about to rain, never bother teenagers, chocolate girls, missing’n’missing, discounted fireworks, poor-yet-shopping-people, rich-yet-high-interest-marwaris, full decibel traffic announcers, head, head and heads everywhere, chennai prepares for diwali mela, i am still in search of the missing….the missing soul of diwali.

This was my last year diwali blog note. It still holds good…Does it?

Had a delightful lunch at

Had a delightful lunch at the India House, a new Indian restaurant in Wheeling. This restaurant is a new branch of the India House, Schaumburg. While trying hook me on the code that I am writing, I am falling sleepy on my keyboard. That Aaloo sabji was at it’s best with some idlis and sambar, good enough to make me half awake ( optimistic view).

Tons of job at stake
Until I am awake.

Poetry Lazy….Poetry. Sleep.

Kathai Kathaiyam Karanamaam: Stories. Everyone

Kathai Kathaiyam Karanamaam:

Stories. Everyone likes stories. You, Me and anyone like stories. It is good to hear stories. How is to tell stories. Have you ever thought about the brainwave behind the story. The process of fun, happiness and sheer imagination that it takes to build a story. The debacles that a writer undergoes before he is done with a story.

There are stories everywhere. Many are around us in one form or other. What it takes is meticulous observation of events and consolidation of them to get to the crux of a story. From Archie comics to Kumudam weekly, from Humlog to Junoon, from Chithi to Anni, from Poornam Vishwanathan plays to Crazy Mohan dramas, from Bheemsingh’s Black and Whites to Kamal’s Sandiyar, there are stories everywhere. As tamil cinema world is wading through the sea of no-story-movies, a group of people…..

See this space for more information.

Hey, I’m making it dramatic and silly. That is what story telling is all about. Be Right Back.

The Absolute Minimum Every Software

The Absolute Minimum Every Software Developer Absolutely, Positively Must Know About Unicode and Character Sets (No Excuses!) is an article of sheer simplicity and feeds in consummate understanding of the character-set world. Written by Joel Spolsky, a software developer and an owner of the company, Fog Creek Software, which makes CityDesk, a site publishing software.

If you have no clue of Unicode this is where you peep first. Recommended reading for all who are curious to know about this Unicode funda.

Link via Kingsley.