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Third time’s a charm. So for the third time in the last 12 years, I ended up buying another Toyota. This time it was a Prius and it’s been such a joy so far.

As the summer faded away, my procrastinated mind finally settled to buy a car and replace the Camry that was bought nearly 11 years ago. Given that this was a commuter car, I started to look for an AWD SUV. The new Honda CRV was my first choice, given it was redesigned inside out this year. And when I visited a local dealership, not only they didn’t have a CRV in stock but they also didn’t show any salesmanship in trying to persuade me to buy one. The car wasn’t bad at all, except for the weird taillight situation.

Back at a friend’s place, he showed me his newly bought Toyota Prius which apparently was driving at 55+ mpg. So I test drove a Toyota RAV 4 and the Prius. The Prius was hands-down a better car. There was a night and day difference in the driving experience between Prius and other ICE cars. It was smooth driving, relatively quiet and had a quirky personality to it. From then it was an easy decision to buy a Prius because it was the most efficient car in the hybrid market.

So I’ve been driving it for the past few months. What do I liked about it? Everything – The drive quality, interiors, JBL speakers, maneuverability and of course the king of reasons to buy a hybrid – fuel economy. So far I’ve been averaging at 58 MPG despite the dropping temperatures. What do I hate about it? Nothing at all. I’m sure the styling of taillights look obnoxious to guy behind me but it doesn’t bother me at all. That’s probably why the car was rear ended within a week. But that’s another story for another day. The Entune entertainment system needs an overhaul but given that one can operate everything via Bluetooth from the phone, its bearable.

The best feature of Prius is the driving feedback loop. The digital buffet of data that’s available in front of the driver would make every one of us a better driver. There’s a rating for your overall drive, a quick feedback about the fast turn you just made and the lifetime driving average. Basically the data is gamified to the point, one can say its the best real-life car game ever made. It certainly helped me realize how all these days I was overstepping on the gas.

It’s easy to stereotype a Prius owner as listening to Fleetwood Mac or NPR, shopping at the nearby Trader Joe’s and talking about environment friendliness. But it’s also easy to make fun of the geeks. Regardless, they always strike back with their smarts and the latest Prius is certainly a nerd strike-back car.

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How to shoot a music video?

If you havent watched the movie, no issues, go ahead and watch the video. It doesn’t give out anything and it can raise brows/curiosity. This song is interrupts the movie at a correct time. It couldn’t be placed any better. The lead to this song is impeccable and song actually goes out of the way to capture the direstraits of the film’s characters without compromising of the video.

Right from the release of the audio, this was indeed my favorite(1, 2, 3) number of the film. Vijay Yesudaas’ number was actually an achievement with vocal chords on tamil cinema but still, this stole the thunder with the mix of mysticism and pop music.

This one is more like a feverously shot and religiously edited music video. Watch it full screen and as said before, just don’t talk yet.

The Daemon and the Genius

This was just brilliant. Dramatic and mythological in its narration and very east in its philosophy. I’m too tempted to lend my piece of detailing but will hold-off because of the lack of words that I can use to describe my daemon/genius. It may sound cocky to say that but inevitably we have all experienced this moment atleast once. My daemon/genius could very well be a lame one neverthless it exists, not in the form that Liz explained but differently. I tend to call it the self but sure, genius works as well.

If you haven’t, you should, atleast skim through the second 36 chapters of Liz’s Eat, Pray, Love which I thought was very well written despite the cheesiness in the title and the feminism that people thought existed in this book.

Certain things

Why am I unable to write something elaborately these days ? Thanks to Twitter and its social counterparts, not only my reading has gone down, writing too. Every thing I want to write is now being crunched in the head, meaning every word goes through serious criticism if its actually necessary, replaced with synonymously shorter words or with similar SMS glossary, then typed as characters(instead of words).

I was prolific with blogging once before the info-overload hit. When it did, I was tracking 250+ blog feeds on my feed reader which drew me nuts. To take myself out of the over load was quite a task and I’m not overloaded any more. I track a handful of blogs and follow a dozen or so twitters, all of whom I know personally(@ravages, @chenthil, @mdeii, @anantha, @writerpara) or have read them(like @shashitharoor) or watched them(ok, i know its sinful to follow a celebrity but i do think @trisha_26 is slightly(very slightly) better than most of her k.wood peers).

In any case, Twitter has moved away from its initial state. Instead of ‘What are you doing now?’ its ‘What’s Happening?’ now. So I’m going to stop rambling about brushing, driving and/or sleeping. And I don’t believe in answering What’s Happening all the time. Pause.

What triggered this post was that I found this 1072 page novel of Stephen King at Costco(sort of Chennai’s big bazaar but with a big BIG). Totally a wrist breaker to the extent it shouldn’t have even be printed but only sold electronically. I even wonder how King wrote with so many distractions going on around the world. In his partly autobiographical, ‘On Writing‘ King reveals his secret of writing such absurdly thick and gripping novels is to lock himself every morning until his daily quota of 10 pages of words are typed.

P.S – This is an unfinished post from November 25, 2009 at 10:50 pm. Don’t exactly remember how I intended to finish this. So instead of this remaining in the draft section for a long time to come or get deleted, it sounded better to publish it. Sorry if this didnt make any sense, just like my other fully written posts. Take it easy!

In any case, Chennai and Airtel together, have made me ramble big time on twitter. So there is that.

CB Pricing

In my hand is Amit Varma‘s My Friend Sancho that I was happy to pick from the best seller’s section in Landmark.

The book was priced at 195 rs and the ‘specially’ discounted price that landmark advertised it for was 165 rs. While I, to some extend, understand the pricing politics behind the books, I wished it was priced at 95 rs like the hotselling Chetan Bagat’s 2 states.

Beyond the story and the easy-to-read style of Chetan, I do think the 95 rs pricing of his books make him more affordable and approachable. Well its a Catch-22, one would say.

In any case, I loved the subtle design of the cover, the blurb, the author intro and acknowledgments. Now to the book.

Can you hold it for 6 mins ?

No Pun Intended. Can you just stop typing on that damned keyboard, close your eyes and the info-overloaded unsociably-networked-browsers to listen to this music for exactly five minutes and fifty nine seconds.

With the eyes closed, try not to think of how best you can ReTweet this damned post on Twitter or how smartly you can link to this on Facebook. Just relax and listen to the music. And if you can/will, you will attain moksha, if at all there is something like that. But more than that you will re-discover the God of Lovable Things.

BTW, for God’s sake, please un-ReTweet this post and do tell me when exactly the tear drop rolled out.

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