Mystery Box ?

Jeffrey Jacob Abrams aka JJ Abrams, the creator of Lost is the guest editor for this month’s Wired magazine and he has a cover story, The magic of mystery which is neat. I see the cover story as a continuation of the TED talk that he presented two years ago.

Lost is probably one of the best sitcoms every made by the humans(!). I totally dig it. Yes, its indeed better than Seinfeld, Friends or MASH. Lost is made up of mysterical connections between the people of plane and show up on the right time. His quest for the mystery continues that even in his debut movie, Mission Impossible 3, he didn’t really reveal the contents of Rabbit Foot(wasn’t that the whole point of the movie). This serving of MI is probably the best of all the 3 versions.

The good thing is that Hollywood is taking the mysteries of Abrams seriously and he is remaking Star Trek movie. Don’t think we will have a surprise of Leonard_Nimoy playing Spock.

P.S: Star Trek releases on 05/07 and if you are planning, wait for an IMAX release. It’s already getting rave reviews from advance screenings.

Jabber – On Ajith


Billa was painful. Excruciatingly. Even the best guy to do this remake job, Vishnuvardhan, failed, big time. With Billa, Ajith has exhausted all his options. What’s left ?

Go back to the drawing board(if there is one), and he should rethink his options. He should be looking at his career and verify his career highs. Aasai, Kathal Kottai, Kadhal Mannan, Vaali and Dheena. The rest of his films are pure crap or moderately interesting films. All the above films are major hits, with due credits to the director/story/screenplay. Isn’t it time to get a class in acting(the one that includes dialogue delivery) ? Seriously, no jokes.

The only other way, Ajith can pick up his career is comparing himself to Vijay, which is invariably happening, thanks to the fan clubs. But this wouldn’t be fruitful to him. Why ?

Vijay’s major success stems from the fact that he has accepted his limitations and started to tread on the path that has been laid by yester year heroes with similar limitations. Vijay should thank Rajini for being a veteran on this route. And he does.

Can Ajith pick-up the heroic path of Vijay. NO. Why ? Because heroism doesn’t happen. One has to create it. Not a single scene of Billa, Ajith was trying to be heroic, including the scene where Ajith escapes from the bridge by diving down. There isn’t a movie where I’ve seen Ajith as heroic as Vijay. And that’s why he shouldn’t be compared to Vijay.

Part of Ajith’s success comes from his cool personality, lover-boy image, a typical middle-class south indian boy. A good family drama, a neat down-to earth comedy film can do the magic. There are hundreds of stories and tons of directors waiting for Ajith to make this happen. And Ajith has been quite successful to pick up fresh talent. It’s just that he has shunned them for some time now.

There are two directors whom I really think can give Ajith a break provided Ajith changes his mindset and starts to concentrate on his areas of improvement. Not Mani Ratnam. Not Shankar. Go Figure.

Previous Ajith Kumar Rant.

‘Marudhanayagam’ resurfaces ?

marudhanayagam kamalhassan

India Glitz is reporting that someone has unearthed a trailer of Kamal’s dream project Marudhanayagam. And doesn’t that seem like a joke. Yes, because the you tube generation found the trailer, more than a year back and it has been written and talked about in every single cinema blog. Suresh even went one step ahead of scoring a BGM for this muted trailer.

Now, read the joke, again –

When everyone is talking about Kamal Haasan’s upcoming project, someone has unearthed the trailer of Kamal’s dream project ‘Marudanayagam’ and put it in a website that provides free video shows.

The trailer is amazing, to say the least. The two minute video shows what is in store for us if the dream movie of Kamal gets a chance to take off. It shows a thrilling action scene set in the period of British rule in India. Another scene, in which an eagle tries to eat the flesh of the protagonist, is incredible. The scenes have the grandeur that stuns you instantly. The visuals are astonishing.

The film, if you go by the trailer, has the potential to become a real treat to those who love to see the movies with substance. The awesome visuals promise you that the movie would come out as an entertainer with an outstanding content.

Yeah !! right.

Silk Screen Film Festival 2006

silk screen

Srini Raghvan, one of the organisers of Silk Screen Festival informs about Asian American Film Festival (called Silk Screen) happening in Pittsburg, two weeks from now. He also adds, celebrating diversity and multi-cultural appreciation through film, the festival will be a week-long event that will showcase over 30 films, filmmakers and actors with origins in India, Japan, China etc. A variety of special events are being planned including a gala Opening Night reception, workshops and panel discussions with prominent Asian filmmakers, actors and producers.

Looking at the film listing, desi film buffs have something interesting to watch. If you are in and around Pittsburg, do take a spin.

Message Redux !!

I think we are on the threshold of development. Today, a lot more films are made for an international audience. Technology will play a big role with the growth of the digital medium. Filmmaking will become a lot more personal. It will become like writing. Anybody will be able to make a film – Mani Ratnam

From here.

No Exit

Anand Alagappan’s short film No Exit is a well made short-film that just walks us through a phone call. It comically captures the credit card service and how one is put through the hardship. Just like how one suffers to cancel the internet service. Anand’s movie shot to fame when it was officially selected for 8 film festivals including the one where it was nominated alongwith Mani Ratnam’s Kannathil Muthamittal.

Though I was aware of this short film through the Hindu article, it’s only when Anand mailed me with the video link, I was able to watch it.

Anand is planning to his next short film this July. And he is on look-out for the cast. If you are interested or if you want to recommend someone, mail Anand at colorsmovie[at]gmail[dot]com. He is looking for the following cast in NY/NJ or Chicago area.

1. Indian Mom [Lates 40’s]
2. Indian Dad [Late 40’s]
3. Indian Aunt [Late 40’s]
4. 15 Indian people for a scene [any age range]
5. Assistant director / Production Assistants


Anand C who was posting guest blogs here, couple of years back, is now an executive producer. When I first knew about it, I thought, Gosh !! What a deep problem he got himself into ?. That’s until I read more about it. Here is what the crew has to say about Carma

Carma is Anand’s first film as executive producer and is directed by self-taught filmmaker (and concert pianist / Stanford Ph.D Ray Arthur Wang). At 81 minutes, Carma features Academy Award Nominee Karen Black as the voice of the main character. CARMA is a chilling tale about a CAR haunted by a psychopathic killer’s dead MA. Carma’s last prestige festival stop was Cinequest Film Festival alumni 2005 (one of the Top 10 U.S. Independent Film Festivals), and after it was one of the Highlight Films at the Delray Beach Film Festival. Its next stop is the Bare Bones International Film Festival (one of the Best Truly Independent Film Festivals) 2006.

As the literature says, CARMA is an independent film. Just that fact differentiates it from other hollywood studio flicks. Studios don’t go with experimental films, all the time. Due to the big-budget spendings on films, studios are usually conservative and cautious in approach. At such junctures, independent films are the only way to get creative. So if you check-out CARMA’s trailer it wouldn’t necessarily look-alike MI.3 trailer. Independent Films have their own short comings in terms of financing and marketing. Still, the only reason for independent films to prosper is due to film buffs, around the world, who love good cinema.

Keeping the lazy lamenting to a seperate post, here’s the news. An exclusive screening of CARMA is happening at Stanford University. There is also a post-screening Q&A with the cast and crew:

When – April 14, 2006 | 8 PM.
Where – Fisher Hall, Arillaga Alumni Center, Stanford University. Directions.
More Info –
CARMA website .
Carma Trailer
Teaser Trailer:
Making of Carma

If you are a blogger/press media person, mail Anand[] for a special invite / backstage pass. Others please book tickets online, here.