A Plug

Finally a customer service with a difference.

I recently bought a Nikon D80 from BH Photo Video and had to immediately exchange it due to a bunch of hot pixels on the CCD. Their customer service is arguably one of the best I’ve encountered on the web.

I had to call them twice for various clarifications and the telephonic conversations were a breeze. They promptly answered questions and did whatever possible to make me happy.

If you are buying camera/video equipment, here’s a company that will relentlessly help you until you are satisfied. Three Cheers !!

The Flipper

The Flip, a truly handy camcorder is the hot new toy in the US. It looks like your blackberry pearl and it captures videos at 640*480 resolution. The Flip Ultra can capture an hour of video in its 2 gig solid state memory. It is certainly a glorified webcam but the usability and its direct-to-youtube software is making it popular among soccer moms of the country.

When I first read about Flip, it was minimalist personified for me and that drove me to buy one. Last night, I took it around for a spin. Here’s an edited version of my drive through Redmond and back. Don’t think too much about what I was trying to say, I wasn’t trying to say anything. The song is a heavy metal rap called Click Click Boom by Saliva.

If you didn’t like the quality, the blame is on me. I added the film grain to give it a rusty look. The colors are vivid except the sun looks like a big black hole.

Yes, the video is also promptly duplicated on youtube.

Gee Ohh Dee !!

Happened between two of my friends, over the weekend. I was a silent spectator and hence no comments.

Dude 1: (sipping his negramodelo beer) Machan, I know it isn’t simple as it sounds but I don’t think there is god.
Dude 2: Really…screw yourself. There is.
Dude 1: There what, God ?
Dude 2: Yes. Haven’t you felt him when you wrote those exam numbers in oil, behind anjaneyar sannidhi. Nee pinna eppidi 10th pass pannina da, loosu ?
Dude 1: Hee Hee…that was a time, machan. Ok da..prove me and I will accept.
Dude 2: (moving his emptied beer bottle towards my doubting friend and pointing to it) This is god, machan.
Dude 1: (LOLing) Kamedy !! Thats an empty glass bottle with a piece of lime left on the long neck.
Dude 2: Hmm…so you don’t believe it. Is that because you already know how god looks like ? I tell you this god. Why would you not believe it ?
Dude 1: Huh !! Guys get him another beer.
Dude 2: (looking at him deeply) Sir, I asked you a simple question, do you know how Gee-Ohh-Dee looks like. Why don’t you believe this brownish bottle as god.
Dude 1: (heatedly) No. I don’t know.
Dude 2: Then you have to believe me da.
Dude 1: God cannot be like this.
Dude 2: Why do you presume ? So you have already imagined how he looks like but you wouldn’t accept that he is there ?
Dude 1: I think this is illogical conversation.
Dude 2: Really, I don’t think so. I just showed you the almighty God, my friend. I just gave you the biggest spiritual truth.
Dude 1: I don’t believe it.
Dude 2: I don’t care. But question yourself again. Or prove me that this is not god ?
Dude 1: What ? Huh…Why don’t we talk again about how you proposed to Preetha in 9th standard.

I realized only then, half of that authentic mexican restaurant has been staring at our table.

[Pic – India Glitz] Lady

[Pic – India Glitz]

Lady beside Suhasini – Atho oruthar vellai vaeti kattikittu irukaarulla, avaru kitta thaan Kushboo madam sorry ketaanga. Neengalum poi kelunga, periya manasu panni manichiduvaaru.

Suhasini thinking – Mudiyaathu…kandippa mudhiyaathu.

Me loudly – Right of speech ki jai !! Official sorry listener ki jai !!

P.S And you know all this is a buruda.

Satyaraj, SJ Surya, Salman & Seattle

It’s becoming colder in Seattle. Its raining, windy and pleasantly cold. The kind of iira nilam that one would love to live. They have been telling me that as winter coses it, you would be terrible out of mood, blame it on the absence of sun. But for me it’s becoming the other way. I do enjoy the sun but the cold weather combined with semi-frequent coming of the rains. This evening it was so windy with rain drizzles that I had my spirits uplifted. A different kind of feeling, that for a moment, makes you forget projects, go-lives, status reports, MOMs and what not.

Offlate, I’m voraciously reading and unexpectedly all the books that were in a long library queue are just pouring in. Besides Ashokamitran’s Katuraigal Part 1, I’m having Rusdhie’s Shalimar the Clown on my left hand, Thomas Friedman’s The World is Flat on my right hand and a lovely book that I wouldn’t disclose now. I want to certainly write a post on that special book.

Saw SJ Surya’s Ah Aha and namma Surya’s Ghajini. Ah Aha was loud, ugly and a sick movie. I’m planning to protest against Rahman tuning music for this dude. He has literally screwed up all the songs with crass creativity and glaring colors. The wide angle close-up shot is an overkill. The completely unrelated sentiment scenes seems to be targeted the thaaikulams while he was busy exploring the midriff of Nila. Does he think we are a bunch of idiots, watching his movie ? Ellyei !!

Satyaraj’s Englishkaran is one good movie in the recent times with some common sense. It’s typically a late 80’s flick with a storyline that we have seen a million times, Satyaraj’s satirical comedy rocks. If you can mock at the several happenings of Kollywood and Tamil Nadu politics, with a rehashed storyline, you could cast Satyaraj and make it into a hit, like this. Though we have seen similar movies from Satyaraj, watching truly crappy films from kollywood this year, this was a good time pass. The voluptuous Namitha portrayed as an athlete and she actually runs 100 meters in a tar road before she dies of the kollywood classic poison, arali vedhai. Though I’m not for this nuisance, I’m holding from cursing too much as Namitha Fans Association might actually protest to burn printouts of kirukkal.com. I ain’t ready for all that !!

Run Lazy Run !!

And I ran, ran and ran. Haven’t done something like this in the last few years. Per my self-assumed nick goes, I was always lazy enough to run on the treadmill. Even those wacky-techno-gizmos called walkman, CD player and mp3 player could only inspire me just a lil’ bit. Last week, I was thinking about a blogpost to gather suggestions on Tamil songs for the Tread Mill. After all how many times could I listen to just Humma Humma, Uyirin Uyirey or the ultra cool Illamai Idho Idho.

While in college, I was a big fan of rock and heavy metal music. Even now, I would listen to it on any offbeat day but not regularly, like those college years(even before brushing teeth). Looking for a change, I banged my MP3 player with a dose of Metallica, a pinch of Judas Priest, one teaspoon of Megadeath and a big chunk of Iron Maiden sprinkled with Linkin Park‘s Hybrid Theory. What a suprise. I was running nonstop for more than 25 minutes. Spoiling my ears with those electric guitars and bass drummers, I was trying to help myself with the work-out. Phew !! What an irony.

If you don’t believe, do it for yourself, listen to Metallica’s ST.Anger, Iron Maiden’s Can I pay with madness and Judas Priest’s Metal Meltdown, see your mood getting relaxed. I have a dozen of Black Sabbath and Led Zep music for tomorrow. BTW, I still don’t have a fresh list of Tamil songs for the tread mill. Any suggestions would help the fellow lazy’s hanging out here !!