Kanthasamy may be good but the trailer sucks ! And the audio release function that was live broadcasted on Sun TV was a mass jalra event just like any other kollywood function. Wonder why Rahman was even sitting there the whole time.

I suspect the whole effort just because of the way Dhanu promotes his movies and then turns back on his heroes if the movie sucks in box-office. Susi and Vikram are betting big time on this movie but I have my own doubt. The premise of the movie that talks about a super-hero is all fine but I’m not sure how it would be executed on-screen. Let’s wait for the movie but meanwhile, I’m going to quit watching every single kollywood event like this.

Who is the best baddie ?

Mindless rant ahead. Please feel free to skip and get some fresh air.

Was watching some random Tamil movie on cable that set me thinking on who were my favorite villain actors in Tamil cinema. I liked most of them including Ashokan, Nambiar, Radharavi et’al except for the pallakku pandi types but there were clearly favorites.

Raghuvaran and Nasser were on the list. But somehow my all-time favorite is Salim Ghouse more than anyone. Wierd, right ? That’s right, the villain in Thiruda Thiruda. He was also the baddie in Vetri Vizha. And right after him is Cochin Haneefa. Though Haneefa is now performing better as second villain or sidekick, he has enough movies behind him to prove that he could be the best. Haneefa got my blood boiling in Mahanadhi and his comical villainship is praise-worthy.

Next comes Kota Srinivasa Rao. Kota can be considered as the Morgan Freeman of Indian cinema. Puritans might have issues with that classification but I think Kota comes close to Morgan Freeman. And Morgan Freeman is my most favorite of Hollywood for the last decade or so.

How did I forget Sathyaraj and more importantly, Rajinikanth ? Rajini had some golden moments as the baddie. He performed better as a villain against Kamal. And I couldn’t recollect Kamal being a villain in any movie, recently except Kalaignan which was tremendously boring. BTW, I was in cuddalore when Kalaignan released and watched it thrice in three continous days. Those were some crazy days 🙂

Mani, Take it easy!

Its probaby the 4th time in the last 4-5 years. Dude, Take it easy!

From Times of India article, Mani braves a heart attack.

However, it seems the news from Chennai is heartening and very encouraging, according to Gulzar . He was in Chennai working on a song for Raavana with Mani and A R Rahman when Mani’s health scare occurred. Mani was revved up and energetic as Gulzar and Rahman argued and collaborated over the perfect words for the tune.

Gulzar said, “Mani complained of uneasiness. We presumed it to be nothing more than creative anxiety. We all get restless and nervous when we are working intensely on a project. We had no clue it was a health issue.”

After a while, fidgety and restless, Mani left the recording studio alone and checked himself quietly into the Apollo hospital. That, according to Mani’s close friends, is the filmmaker’s style. He never draws attention to himself. Normally no matter how private a person, he would immediately ask someone to accompany him to a doctor if there was a health alarm. The super-reclusive Mani actually went all alone to Appolo.


3 Stupid Questions is not a mock. Genuine questions to be/not to be answered. I don’t intend to answer them but just throw it out to the world and see what happens(even if nothing happens). 3SQ will be served as often as I hit hit eureka with the next set of stupid qs.

1) Why do blogs start resembling mainstream media as they become popular ? So is blogging a reason to beat the bureaucracy, get big and become a part of it ?

2) Blogs written by non-sub-intellectuals still discuss Indian politics, explain ?

3) Hollywood has bad acting but not so easily spotted like Kolly/Bolly/Tollywood. Kollywood has bad acting in every single movie. Recent example, Naan Kadavul. What makes the difference ?

Jabber – On Vijay


The trolls are not going to like this. But I personally think Vijay is going to be the next superstar, a position that Rajini holds today. It’s not like he is going to be the next Rajini. For that matter, Rajini wasn’t the next MGR. He took a similar spot and re-invented it(or it was thrust on him, whatever). Vijay will do that too and we are witnessing it happen. This isn’t a post to compare and contract Rajini to Vijay but to think through why Vijay, despite the fact that he does some bad cinema, will make it as the next super star.

Vijay, like Rajini can evoke heroism in his movies. When Vikram, Ajith, Surya and many others have the same playing ground like Vijay, none of them have used it effectively like him. They wouldn’t want to do such masala films and its their prerogative. Simbhu and Dhanush look like kids doing vishk vishk heroism. Since there is no one else , as of today, to compete with Vijay on this, he is the next superstar-like-star.

Vijay’s rising fan clubs are also one other reason. He is treading on the same path as Rajini. Some might argue that Rajini was a better actor than Vijay. But that’s nearly an useless argument. Because after Thillu Mullu, the actor Rajini was long gone. The mass effect plays a very important part in turning an actor into a Superstar. We have more than a handful of samples for this. MGR, NTR and now Rajini. So Vijay’s fan clubs and his growing fan base(kids and rural youth) have made him into a ‘minimum guarantee’ hero for film producers. Not just minimum guarantee but a ‘big opening’ guaranteed hero.

So it doesn’t really matter if he has a small string of flops, he can bounce back provided the flops don’t keep happening. Pokirri, ATM and Kurvi’s failure at the box-office hasn’t affected Vijay by any measure. He will contine to have 32 producers lining-up at his house every morning and he has more than enough directors in Kodambakkam, smoking wills and racking their brains(not really needed for a masala movie) to create a storyline for him.

So what should Vijay do ? Nothing. Sit tight and stay the course. Kamal once said that he had to act a hundred films before he could make Raja Paarvai and Guna. So Vijay has a long way to go even if he wants to turn into a Ulaga Nayagan(which I should say impossible, given Vijay’s calibre) and I think he is on the right path of masala stardom.

His dad Chandrasekar, in the recent interview to Vikatan, talks about Vijay entering the Tamil Nadu politics. Whether you and I can do anything about it or not, its probably going to happen. Did we not see Vijaykanth making it to politics ? The legendary parties that made fun of him are now calling him as serious competition. It will happen to Vijay too. Good Luck !!

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