Re-visiting Shankar's Boys

After all that media screw-up, Shankar’s Boys went into the boxes with the same speed. The same Sun Tv which gave a very bad rating for this movie broadcasted Boys yesterday (without major cuts) as a part of Tamil New Year’s Day celebration (?!!). Atleast by doing it Sun TV joins the group of Boys supporters.

Now that the rest of hypocritical public who refused to meet the Boys in theatres had a chance to see the movie on their televisions. And, probably now they would understand that Boys was just a reflection of the existing teenage world and not some out-of-the-world issue. I hope they would have cursed the media enough, for being biased with Boys and sabotaging the film’s box office.

The audio was cut whenever the boys uttered the OTMP word. I am unable to understand why this was done. I can only laugh loudly at the judgemental skills of censoring.

In such a case, why should hollywood films in India be censored only for erotic scenes. They can also censor the audio like they did for Boys. And if only they do it, films like Phone Booth will be audioless and we, clueless. Let’s pray god that this doesn’t happen, at all.

Eco-Friendly Chennai(?!!)

The rain poured over Chennai on Sunday, paving way to a ray of hope that there will be an early monsoon this year. And thats what keeps us going. Especially Chennaites, who have seen the water scarcity, this kodai mazhai was a source of infinite energy. I have a few pics taken during this special rain. Will upload it by tomorrow.

As trees get sawed near SPIC in Guindy, I couldn’t avoid the feeling that Madras becomes a desert with such acts. At one side such tree batterings keep happening like a part of life. But on the other hand, from Central Station to Naidu Hall they plant these artificial neon coconut trees that glow in the night. Huh !! What a irony.

IIT Saarang, very happening

IIT Saarang, very happening

Last week was very fast with the crowded IIT Saarang and today is the last day which will be celebrated with a Unity Concert by the Indian Euphoria and Pakistani Strings. Y’day it was the Choreo Nite and due to bubbling rush, it had some latti charges also. Though the Choreo Show proved very sub-standard for an inter-college competition, the crowd was rocking. The rock music competition was however fabulous. Also the Udit Narayan show wasn’t upto the mark. Blame it on the pathetic sound systems. Udit must have reminded someone of that during the break and during the second half, both the music and sound was amazing. When Udit sang his all-time hit Papa Kehthe Hain, I was transported to the nostalgic 80s. Great voice.

Hutch’s stall in Saarang is the most talked about. With a dozen beautiful chicks and few Madhavan type guys as Hutch ambassadors, Hutch is pulling the collegers under it’s umbrella. With the fantastical dance machine, as it would call it, the remixes go a long way in encouraging guys to dance in hundreds. So if you a blinker at Saarang and you see a huge group dancing in perfect rythym, it is the hutch stall.

Also Madonna and Britney would run ashamed looking at the very-very-very-very low hipped jeans by the Saarang chicks. I prefer to call chicks because it gives you that right picture. As Saarang gets more and more sponsors like E-Serve, Hutch and Radio Mirchi, the pro-shows could be made much better in the coming years. Thanks to security and real hard volunteers, they kept the mischevious at bay.

Spoil the movies : Nidhi

Spoil the movies :

Nidhi did a great job in rediff on writing the article on the movie spoiler websites. These websites actually tell you the whole story of the movie by a quickie and it also tells the final ending of a movie. Endings of Movies like The Unbreakabale and The Sixth Sense shouldn’t be read here in these websites . They have to be seen and felt. Unbreakable is one of my all time favourites. It is one of the movies where there wasn’t any clue about the end. During the climax I found myself getting of my seat in the theatre and started clapping, Thrilled !!!. My friends thought i became crazy. What an amazing shot the final one was when Bruce willis shakes hands with S….No No I don’t wanna say who it is . I am not a movie spoiler. Enjoy the unbreakable.

The Singles Club The rediff

The Singles Club

The rediff diary always make me laugh out. It is one of the finest freelancing arena for guys lie us who have no idea on journalism. Just speak your mind out. the one that i read lately is a great one.G O Suresh talks on perils of bachelorhood. Poor Bachelors !!! Pity them but just a minute, Oops I forgot some thing , I am one of them still.

Pulp Fiction After a long

Pulp Fiction
After a long exile with classics, I am back to pulp fiction again with Sidney Sheldon‘s rage of angels for the 4 th time. Last weekend when i was in the library, I thought of picking up page turners for a break. Sidney was the first name which came to my mind. he amazes me with his vivid descriptions .He is certainly the king of pulp fiction and one of my all time fav author after Richard Bach. Will certainly write about my love for bach some time. it is already 1:00 am and i am sleepy.aahww!!!

Karthy 'n' Bryan Adams Y'day

Karthy ‘n’ Bryan Adams

Y’day a group of friends of mine were discussing over a coffee about a birthday gift given to your boy/girl friend. Karthy said she was worried one full day because she spent too much money for her boy friend to get him a diamond locket. oh !! oh !! . Ram interuppted her on a emotional line to approve money isn’t bigger than love !! Well, this argument continues forever. Today to establish his words, Ram forwardded us the lyrics of “When you love someone ” by Bryan Adams asking karthy to learn from this. I liked it and probably you too !!

When you love someone

when you love someone – you’ll do anything
you’ll do all the crazy things that you can’t explain
you’ll shoot the moon – put out the sun
when you love someone

you’ll deny the truth – believe a lie
there’ll be times that you’ll believe you can really fly
but you’re lonely nights – have just begun
when you love someone

when you love someone – you’ll feel it deep inside
and nothin else can ever change your mind
when you want someone – when you need someone
when you love someone…

when you love someone – you’ll sacrifice
you’d give it everything you got and you won’t think twice
you’d risk it all – no matter what may come
when you love someone
you’ll shoot the moon – put out the sun
when you love someone